It’s you…Stardust. It’s always been you. I don’t know what to make of these thoughts, that stir my mind, set it ablaze you’d say. For a soul so unknown, you love fire, like the air you breathe. It will be ten o’clock in fifty-eight minutes. I’ve had a cup of tea for supper and you … More Silence


I struck a chord. I sang from the depths of my soul, and you…Stardust, listened. Not to the words, not to the tune…but simply to what my soul sang. So, you say that I’m like a melody, Beautiful but nostalgic, Sweet but unforgettable. So, you say that I’m like a chord, once struck, the action … More Music


“Have you ever felt scared while on a boat on the lake?” you ask. It is four o’clock in the evening. I am in bed, trying to regain my composure from the nap I was taking. How is it that you still have my phone number? How is it that even when I have been … More Drowning